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Lenormand Oracle generates a reading for a person based on his Name and the spread selected by the enquirer himself. One can use this tool to find solutions to problems and know more about the future.

The Lenormand cards are similar to the Tarot Rider Waite deck and were made by Marie Anne Lenormand in the 19th century. This deck is used for fortune telling. MB Lenormand Oracle is a software based on the principles of psychic reading using the Lenormand deck.

lenormandThe 36-card Lenormand deck consists of the following cards:
1. The Cavalier (The Rider) (9 Hearts)
2. The Clover Hope (6 Diamonds)
3. The Ship(10 Spades)
4. The House (King Hearts)
5. The Tree (7 Hearts)
6. The Clouds (King of Clubs)
lenormand card predictions 7. The Snake(Queen Clubs)
8. The Coffin (9 Diamonds)
9. The Flowers (Queen Spades)
10. The Scythe (Jack Diamonds)
11. The Birchrod (Jack of Clubs)
12. The Birds (7 Diamonds)
13. The Child (Jack of Spades)
14. The Fox (9 Clubs)
15. The Bear (10 Clubs)
16. The Stars (The Star) (6 Hearts)
17. The Stork (Queen Hearts)
18. The Dog (10 Hearts)
19. The High Tower (The Tower) (6 Spades
20. The Garden (8 Spades)
21. The Mountain (8 Clubs)
22. The Roads (The Road) (Queen Diamonds)
23. The Mice (The Mouse) (7 Clubs)
24. The Heart (Jack Hearts)
25. The Ring (Ace Clubs)
26. The Book (10 Diamonds)
27. The Letter (7 Spades)
28. The Gentleman (The Man) (Ace Hearts)
29. The Lady (The Woman) (Ace Spades)
30. The Lilies (The Lily) (King Spades)
31. The Sun (Ace Diamonds)
32. The Moon (8 Hearts)
33. The Keys (8 Diamonds)
34. The Fish (King Diamonds)
35. The Anchor (9 Spades)
36. The Cross (6 Clubs)

The spreads used in this software are:

1. The Three Cards Layout: This type of layout is used to find answers about past, present and future. The three cards define daily predictions answering your queries about yesterday, today and tomorrow. In cases of more complex questions regarding multifold issues in life, the three cards layout can remove your confusion. In such cases, the cards point towards current trends, the problem generated by them and specific actions required to resolve those complications.

2. The Four Cards Layout: In this type of layout, four cards are kept in the shape of a simple cross with each card in four directions, north, south, east and west. Start reading the cards from left to right and again from top to bottom. The card on the west or left defines the current situation. The card on the east or right hand side says about probable blockages and obstacles in your way. The card at the top gives some useful suggestion about solutions or helps. The card at the bottom states the outcome in near future.

3. The Seven Cards Layout: This kind of layout is designed in the shape of a triangle more like a horseshoe. Each card refers to some significant issue to give us a comprehensive picture of our past, present situation and the outcome in future. Card number one, two and three are concerned with past, present and future. Card number four gives a brief description of general tendencies. Card number five is about the perspective of others while card number six puts forth your own point of view. Card number seven gives a comprehensive sketch of outcome.

4. The Nine Cards Layout: In this type of layout, all the nine cards are spread in a 3x3 square. The card number gives some information about the person asking questions. Card number six tells about your past, card number nine about its real nature and card number three throws some light into your experiences in the past. Card number two refers to past issues that still linger into present. Card number four states about your present as well as future issues. Card number five points towards future aspirations. Card number eight and seven describe your future and long-term future respectively.

5. Fourteen Cards Layout: This is a slightly revised version of the nine cards layout. Anyone who wants to get a more detailed picture than what is provided by nine cards layout can try this layout. The expansion of meanings can give you a comprehensive picture of your destiny.

6. Thirty Six Cards Layout: The thirty six cards layout gives complete information about your queries, the nature of your queries, past issues, possible blockages, things creating hindrance in your way and the possibilities for the future. In this layout, the cards are spread in four rows of nine cards and four rows of eight cards with the rest of the cards placed in the middle of the bottom line. Cards are read vertically, horizontally and diagonally to answer your queries.

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