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Free Advice On Rudraksha Therapy - Treatment & Healing. Healing properties of rudraksha beads have to be appreciated for the effectiveness with which they cure mental as well as physical ailments. Wearing real and genuine rudraksha beads relieves you of stress and anxiety, frustration, depression, bipolar disorder,insomnia and even weight loss. Specific rudraksha beads can be used for treating skin diseases, eye problems, nerve disorders and respiratory disorders.

Rudraksh therapy, even if used for astrological benefits, has had enormously successful results. Different types of rudraksh beads are associated with respective astrology planets. They have the power to make the planets work in your favor so that you gain success, fame, happiness, good luck and professional or career growth.

Rudraksha mala is also commonly used as prayers beads. Rudraksh mala with 108 beads is know as purnamala and 54 beads ardhamala. While discussing the power of rudraksha beads, especially in relevance to the healing properties, let us also consider the spiritual attributes of using real rudraksh beads or rudraksha mala provides a peaceful and relieving experience, making the user feel spiritually elevated. The user automatically feels peace of mind that one might have searched extensively for.

Rudraksh therapy can really change the course of your life for the better – such is the power of the rudraksha beads in influencing human life – physically as well as spiritually. But, the most important condition of rudraksha therapy working in your favor is that you use the right rudraksh beads continously. If you choose the appropriate rudrakshs beads, rudraksh healing powers will not only cure your impairments but also provide you fitness and contentment in life.

If you want to know the right rudraksh therapy for you, take the very simple test here. You will instantly get personalized rudraksh therapy profile that also includes mantras. Also Understand and know the do’s and don’ts for using and maintaining rudraksh beads.

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