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Candle Magick displays the correspondence between different magick rituals and the colors of candles that should be used. Candle magick is very effective when the right candles are used for the right purposes. This needs to be repeated many times before your purpose is solved. Note that you do no harm to anyone.

Candle magick is an ancient practice. This is one of the most practiced magic arts. It is believed that different colored candles have different energies and should be used for different purposes. It is a simple ritual where in burning a specific candle and concentrating the problem on-hand can bring in positive results. Remember, that this kind of magick should not be used for wrong purposes. The size and shape of the candle is not important but the color plays an important role in this ritual. Always use new candles and not burnt ones. This should be practiced in a calm and peaceful environment.

Candle Magick displays the following options:
Choose Candle By Purpose, Choose Candle By Color, Choose By Planet, Choose By Element, Choose By Direction, Choose By Day

The keywords for the different candles are given below:

Passion, Lust, Power, Immediate Action, Promotion of Career

Business, Justice, Success

Confidence, Intelligence, Remove Mental Stress, Better Learning

Healing, Growth, Magic, Success

Wisdom, Spiritual Enlightenment, Calming Effect, Good Luck

Psychic Powers, Opening of Inner Self, Influence

Harmony, Peace, Clarity

Love, Warmth, Caring

Remove Negativity, Unity, Defense

The Supreme Power, Happiness, Accomplishments

Support, Kindness, Friendships

Intuition, Telepathy, Imagination

Relaxation, Inner Strengths, Self Abilities

Candle Magick is an advanced yet handy tool that guides you in the use of candles in magick and makes you aware of the magickal properties of different colored candles. This is simple and 'user-friendly'; the best part is, it is totally free of cost and the reading takes just a few minutes to be administered.

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