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Kabbalah Square Of Three finds your planetary numbers which define your nature and personality. This tool helps make your Table of Saturn or Fulfillment based on your date of birth. This is based on Kabbalah Numerology principles.

The Kabbalah Numerology interprets only the meaning of the name of an individual and it means 'knowledge' and 'wisdom'. Events are given the prime priority in this form of numerology than the characters. The first and foremost knowledge of the Kabbalah is to understand the numbers, their properties and virtues. The numbers play an important role in Kabbalah numerology. In the square of three the numbers 1 - 9 are divided into three groups. Each number has its own Planetary Ruler.

The numbers are grouped as below:

Spiritual Numbers
The Sun Number 1
Jupiter - Number 3
Mars - Number 9
Intellectual or Mental Numbers

The Moon - Number 7
Mercury - Number 5
Venus - Number 6
Material or Physical Numbers

Saturn - Number 8
The Sun - Number 4
The Moon - Number 2

Kabbalah Square Of Three is a complete freeware and helps erect your Square of Three chart. The program can be used as many times as you want. It can be administered within five to eight minutes of time. This is an advanced yet simple and easy-to-use software that can be used to get a clear insight. This program can be used to help you in your day-today life.

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