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Kabbalah numerology has developed a methd of finding the best bet on a winning horse based on different factors. This is based on the odds of a particular horse winning depending on the name, place and time.

There is absolutely no doubt that astrology and the study of numbers can open up a new field for the successful backing of horses, but there is no saying more true than - 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.' These days, people are so much inclined to make fast money that without any sort of preparation, they are ever ready to plunge into things like horse betting, lotteries and casinos. Horse betting is a sort of betting which is highly unpredictable.

Money, richness, fame and prosperity are something which everybody loves to have. It is very difficult, if not impossible to find an individual who is not interested in getting money and riches in one night.

Talking of Horse Betting, people take into consideration the age of the horse, his previous records, the drawbacks of the horse, his weight, the length of the race, the jockey who is to ride him and so on and so forth. But even after considering so many factors, at times the selected horse turns out to be a losing one. So it is always better to take it easy on betting.

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