I Ching Oracle Predictions For 2023 and 2024

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2023-2024 IChing Predictions now available FREE! Many of us are familiar with the great powers of the Chinese Oracle known as the IChing or Yi Jing. It offers answers to personal queries that help people understand their past, present and future. You can consult the I-Ching to gain knowledge and help for any kind of situation.

Book of Changes or Zhouyi is amongst the oldest Chinese Classic scripture. IChing Oracle reading 2023, advocates the idea of change. It also makes one understand the relationship between opposites.

This is represented by Yang and Yin. Yang corresponds to creative, active, expansive force. Yin corresponds to receptive, mutable, contracting form. Both need to be balanced for thing to remain harmonious and conducive growth - both personal and work. Yang is represented by the unbroken line ( ---------) and yin is represented by the broken line (---- ----)

IChing Oracle

There are 64 situations mentioned in the IChing Oracle, each one represented by a hexagram made up of 6 broken or unbroken lines. Once the hexagram has been generated, the meaning is understood by consulting the I-Ching poem. The reading comprises of three parts:

The Judgment: This provides us with a short description about the hexagram and its meaning. It gives us suggestions about actions that need to be undertaken.

The Image: This is also similar to the Judgment but gives us a course of action that needs to be undertaken.

The Changing Lines: These lines represent the changes that may occur in your life, the present or future, opportunities and dangers that you may have to overcome.

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