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Dreams can be defined as a series of pictures, images or events in a sleeping personís mind. Dreams open the windows to our souls. They give us the freedom to be something we may not be in real life. They help us understand our sub conscious needs better. They are just a means of communication between our inner and outer beings.

A dream consists of a lot of activity, emotions and feelings in the subconscious level. Dreams are unique and no other individual can relate to it other than you. They unify your mind, body and spirit. Dreams give us wisdom, knowledge and the courage to fight the unknown and hidden fears.

People have been trying to interpret dream since ancient times. It has always been conceived to be different from the real world and more powerful. This involves understanding the category your dream falls into. It is also important to understand that the events of dreams do not usually translate directly into real life. If you have a dream that you are running in a race or, as is quite common, flying, this does not necessarily mean that these things should or will happen. Indeed, sometimes such dreams can mean quite the opposite. But in understanding the different types of dreams, you will undoubtedly have a better grasp of their meanings when attempting to interpret them.

You can understand and analyze your dreams yourself. This makes more sense as you can relate it to your real life events in a better way than a third person. Dreams are full of symbols and themes. Once you understand the meaning of symbols, you can accurately give a meaning to your dream.

The first step to interpretation is to understand the different characters in your dream and how you relate to them. Then you need to think why you are having such dreams at this moment in life. How do these incidents affect you in the real world? Identify all the symbols in your dream, find their meanings from a dream dictionary and come to your own conclusions. One can divide your dream into different parts and try to interpret it part by part.

Dream journal tools help people record their dreams and also explain the meanings of the different Dream Symbols that occur in oneís dream. It allows one to keep track of the different dreams in the form of a dream journal.

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