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Compatibility between parents and child is a serious concern considering the rapid growth of nuclear families. Mentioning ‘nuclear families’ it is very relevant to the significance of the compatibility between parents and child as it a new dimension to the happiness and harmony of a family.

With the help of the name compatibility principles you can determine the parent-child name compatibility level. You can choose letters and select the name for your child in such a way that he or she is blessed with the characteristic features as you want. If you have already selected the name of your child, you can do a parent-child name compatibility test to check the level of compatibility between parents and child.

The parent-child name compatibility makes an analysis of the alphabets in the names of the child and the parents. It is on the basis of this analysis that the parent-child compatibility level or the parent child name compatibility level is calculated. If you can do the parent child name compatibility test before selecting the final name for your child, you can choose the most fitting name for your child, so that the compatibility level between you and your child would be amiable.

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