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The 2016 Lagna Calculator

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What is my Lagna? Find out with this Lagna Calculator 2016, 2017 In Minutes!

The Lagna also known as ascendant, signifies the sign that rose at the time of your birth in the eastern horizon at the place where you were born. It indicates a lot about you, your soroundings, your body type, your health, your life span, to name but a few things. It also indicates the likeliness of occurrence of the auspicious and inauspicious events in your life. Which is what makes it so significant in your life.

What Is What Lagna?
The calculation of the Lagna is done according to the Indian Nirayana System which determines a distinct set of life span, health condition, mindset etc. for each Lagna. There are 12 Lagnas for the 12 diffrent Rashis as per Hindu calendar.

With the help of a 2016-2017 Lagna calculator, you can know about yourself. For example, if you were born in Mesha rashi (Aries), you are likely to have round eyes and weak knees. Your body is likely to have kept a number of wounds. You are likely to be a quick eater; you are very obedient. You have a fickle mind and are easy to please. Your Lagna can also tell if you will be properous or not.

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