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Homestrology or home astrology is the genre of astrology that concerns your home. To be more specific, home strology or home astrology makes an analysis of the different aspects of your life, your personality traits and also your natural tendencies and predicts the atmosphere congenial and satisfying. There are more benefits of home astrology analysis or homestrology interpretation. A homestrology analysis or home astrology interpretation is done on the basis of your name and your date of birth. Your name and date of birth reveals facts about your nature and personality. It is this basis that determines what kind of atmosphere at home would suit you best and make you feel blissful. Let us find how home astrology principles or homstrology basics finds the best home atmosphere for you. Through a home astrology analysis you can know the house design style or the interior design style that should be most favorable for you. The homestrology reading will also let you know what colors to use in the drawing room and how should the bedroom be set. If you get a home astrology reading or a house astrology reading, you can get an over view of the home that will bring about joy, success and prosperity in personal and professional life.

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