Egyptian Astrology

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The Egyptian zodiac comprises of twelve signs, each named after a particular god. The Egyptians felt that the gods influenced people in each and every aspect. The Egyptians believe that a person's personality, his life and fortune is generated by the different influences, of the ruling god of the sign under which they were born. The god of the sign represents the nature and the character of the individual.

Hello Tupac, date of birth entered by you is June 16, 1971 based on which your Egyptian Astrology Reading is as below.

Your Egyptian Astrology Sign is Seth

Compatible SignsLucky Color for MaleLucky Color for Female
Geb and The NileTurquoiseBlack
PolarityRuling DeityKeywords
FeminineSethIrrational and Perfectionist
RoleSacred AnimalAppearance
The god of EvilThe legendary 'Seth' animalSometimes seen as a pig or a hippopotamus, a man with a donkey head

Corresponding Zodiac Sign is Gemini

Description of God/ Goddess :- The god of solitude is Seth as per the Egyptian religion. All the powerful forces that are required to bring about massive changes are possessed by the brother of Osiris - Seth. It is believed that Seth brings about death in the world. He is a free spirit and wanders all over the earth as a result of his forced exile.

Characteristics of people under this Sign :- The Seth people always seek changes in life. Throughout their lives they search for their wholeness and wants to break the barrier of solitude in their lives. Born under this sign, you will be facing many adventures which will enable you to possess a strong inner power. You tend to rectify your mistakes as soon as possible and always learn from your mistakes. As the Seth people you are always in the quest of more knowledge and insight. The Seth personality is generally called upon to lighten and lead the way to the unknown and unexplored. As individuals you are the perfectionists and are easily prone to anger.

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