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Celtic Ogham Oracle is a divination tool based on the Celtic tree signs. The Celtic tree signs are considered to be divine and used for fortune telling purposes. Celtic Ogham Oracle is an interesting tool with a simple to use interface. The program is designed to predict your fortune for a particular question.

The Celtic Tree Signs is basically considered to be the Druid zodiac. An ancient mystical runic alphabet 'Ogham' led to the development of the Celtic astrology. Unlike the Western or the Egyptian astrology the Celtic astrology, also known as the Druid zodiac, comprises of 13 zodiac signs. Celts visualized the universe in the form of a tree and for that reason they designated a particular tree, based on its magical properties, to each of the Moon phases in their lunar calendar. Each Celtic Zodiac corresponds to a particular tree and it is believed that an individual's personality is marked by the different influences of the tree of the sign.

The thirteen zodiac signs of Celtic Astrology are as follows: The Birch, The Rowan, The Ash, The Alder, The Willow, The Hawthorn, The Oak, The Holly, The Hazel, The Vine, The Ivy, The Reed & The Elder.

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