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Gift Astrology is a Western zodiac based program that describes the kind of gifts that people of different sun signs prefer based on their zodiac personality. This program can be used as a guide to help you choose gifts for your near and dear ones.

Astrology rules over gift ideas adopted by people all over the world. People belonging to different sun signs have different preferences when it comes to presents and gifts. Be it giving gifts or receiving a present from someone, each person has his or her unique taste. And men and women too prefer different things. Astrology acts as a guide by telling you more about what you prefer when it comes to what people prefer. It also makes good reading if you are thinking of buying gifts for someone.

Gift Astrology displays the following results in the Sun Sign Profile: Element, Birthstone, Lucky Number, Lucky Day, Compatibility, Positive Traits and Negative Traits.

Gift Astrology displays the following results in the Gift Profile: Gift Ideas & Gift Personality.

Gift Astrology is a freeware. The reading thus generated comes in an easy and understandable format. This test has been designed keeping in mind the average computer user and as such you do not have to be a techno savvy person.

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