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Gong Hee Fot Choy is an ancient form of Chinese divination. Check the card and house combinations to know the future possibilities in different spheres in your life.

Hello Tanya, your Gong Hee Fot Choy reading is shown below.


Unity, property, success and achievements in professional life, love and peace of mind in personal life.
Good fortune, prosperity, possibility of romantic interference, be cautious about the opposite sex.
Rivalry and contradiction, chances of recklessness, someone will spend money but not his own.
A new romance, disputes with friends, bad quarrels.
Sudden monetary gain, unexpected good fortune or a gift, a possibility of loss.
A reliable friend, impatient yet sincere.
Nice woman with dark hair, attributes associated: Strong, helpful, attractive, inclined to be temperamental.
Dark haired man, attributes associated: Honest, straight, faithful, reliable and generous.
Monetary gain, a ring, important message may arrive, chances of getting valuable gift.
A gift, ill luck in gambling, criticism, lies, rumors.
Late marriage, new relationship, sudden gain of money, traveling.
Surprises, financial opportunities, adventures, tours, changes.
Journey, changes for the positive, chances of gaining wealth, money as objective. Slight chance of failure.
A dubious relative, someone not really reliable, selfish or jealous, possibility of bad news
Fair haired woman. Flirtatious, witty, sophisticated, interfering nature.
Fair haired man. Stubborn, but powerful, ready to avenge, dangerous if crossed.
Friendship, love, happiness in home, success at work.
Treachery, unkept promises, false promises.
Invitations, parties or celebrations, chances of separation.
The 'wish card', dreams come true and desires are fulfilled.
Good luck, happiness, prosperity, peace, happiness and harmony in family.
Young person with fair hair. May find a good friend, see a long lost friend.
Woman with fair hair, faithful loving woman, trustworthy, gentle & pleasing.
Fair haired man, affectionate, generous, impetuous, honest man, hasty decisions, unreliable advices or suggestions.
Difficulty in love affair, conflicts, bad news, misfortune, tidings of death.
A warning against loss of friendship, quarrels with friends, bad things turning worse.
Disappointments, oppositions, treacherous friends, rivalry with friends, caution suggested.
Bad luck, possibility of delays or quarrels, unhappiness looms large.
Worry, grief, all good turning negative, imprisonment, needs caution and rationality.
Young man with dark hair, good heartedness, lazy person, hindrance in all work.
Dark haired woman, seductive and unscrupulous, treacherous, unreliable, malice, widow.
Ambitious, usually successful, pride for ambition and as well as success.

Compass:   Luck will be on your side in whatever you do. Feel it and be confident. Your plans will start working.
Wishes:   Your wishes concern your friends or family. If a heart is in the house of friends, a good time for your friends and family, your wishes may come true. Slight trouble, if a spade.
Success:   News of success will reach you soon. The next time you check your e-mail, or read the text message on your mobile, you may find the good news.
Moon:   You may lose a loved one. Or, there are reasons to be worried about someone whom you love a lot. You may also end up in falling out with your closest friend.
Surprises:   Relatives will be the cause for your amazement. A call from a distant relative may astonish you.
Popularity:   You may feel disturbed by a caller who tries to prove his or her popularity. Or, someone may call you and ask for a loan while you know that there is little chance of the loan being paid back.
Abode:   You may receive a gift, which can be used for home decoration. You can buy new furniture set or some electronic objects such as a PCor a music system.
Journey:   Don't discuss your travel plans in front of everyone. Someone is thinking ill of you. His/her negative vibes may influence the joys of your journey.
Papers:   Keep all your past prescriptions and reports of medical tests. They may be necessary even if you go for a regular check up. Take care of your health.
Vocation:   Vocations are better to be avoided at this time, if you do not to regret. If you know the art to stay happy and optimistic, exercise it.
Marriage:   If marriage talks are in the air, you can expect good news. Through a letter or an e-mail you may get the confirmation. Someone is thinking of you in relation to love and marriage.
Happiness:   Are you feeling too depressed? Have the mindset to fight this little phase of hardship. Happiness is in store for you in near future.
Enjoyment:   A big and pleasant surprise is in store for you. It can come to you in any way. However, you are sure to enjoy, since it is unexpected.
Messages:   Happiness is associated with a journey that you undertake. Do not refuse any proposal for a short weekend or a business tour. You may suddenly come to know about some big monetary gain.
Relatives:   You will be surprised to find one of your relatives proposing lucrative opportunities. You may have to be adventurous and undertake new journeys to do as he/she says. But there's no harm. You will emerge victorious at the end.
Health:   You may have to work hard to achieve something. Take care of your health and do not neglect or you may have to regret.
Money:   You will gain money through a reunion or a get-together. If you are getting married, it is going to bring you a lot of money. Do not misunderstand. Nothing related to dowry is indicated.
Seasons:   You are going to have a wonderful time this season. Whether there be an occasion to celebrate or not, you will always be in the mood to enjoy yourself.

Exception :     Situational Attributes On Human Beings:-
Association Of A Fair Haired Woman,Flirtatious,Witty,Sophisticated,Interfering Nature.
Friends:   One of your friends admires you, and you may not be aware. However, it is time that you should know since he/she is going to reveal it to you.
Gifts:   You are most likely to get a gift from some older person and you will show your gratitude to him/her. You may also get a gift from someone as a token of his/her appreciation.
Letters:   You are compassionate and softhearted, but don't let your heart rule in decisions pertaining to official matters. Be assertive.
Trouble:   You will get out of the trouble, just because of the virtue of your spouse or a very close friend. Try to be in good terms with those who care for you.
Disappointment:   You will be extremely careful choosing friends now on. Don't be too cautious for destiny will be your guide.
Death:   You will find the tides turning against you; you will have to learn, how to stand firm against odds and come out successful.
Undertaking:   Plan a trip alone and enjoy your solitude, this will rejuvenate you from within. Don't let yourself be easily accessible to others.
Achievement:   People might try to bribe you and provoke you to connive with them in their misdeeds, follow your conscience and don't be a puppet in the hands of few unscrupulous people.
Inheritance:   You are trustworthy and are entrusted with important tasks, in the family as well as the firm you are in. Be worthy of their trust..
Callers:   If you are desperately awaiting an answer for a long pending matter then the time has come; some much needed changes may take place, only if you let it to happen.
Gratitude:   You may get amazed by seeing strange people approaching you. Be careful as luck may not be there every time. Beware of theft.
Inquirer:   Your old relationships may be replaced with new ones. Initially, you might feel desolate, but eventually you will get accustomed to the change. Travel will bring new acquaintances.
Luck:   Nine of Diamonds in the house of Luck means double delight and you will get a reason to celebrate not once but twice or even more. All the best.
Sun:   æNo risk no gainÆ is the phrase meant for you at the moment. DonÆt get afraid to use your brains and energy if you want to achieve something in life.

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