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Gong Hee Fot Choy is an ancient form of Chinese divination. Check the card and house combinations to know the future possibilities in different spheres in your life.

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Unity, property, success and achievements in professional life, love and peace of mind in personal life.
Good fortune, prosperity, possibility of romantic interference, be cautious about the opposite sex.
Rivalry and contradiction, chances of recklessness, someone will spend money but not his own.
A new romance, disputes with friends, bad quarrels.
Sudden monetary gain, unexpected good fortune or a gift, a possibility of loss.
A reliable friend, impatient yet sincere.
Nice woman with dark hair, attributes associated: Strong, helpful, attractive, inclined to be temperamental.
Dark haired man, attributes associated: Honest, straight, faithful, reliable and generous.
Monetary gain, a ring, important message may arrive, chances of getting valuable gift.
A gift, ill luck in gambling, criticism, lies, rumors.
Late marriage, new relationship, sudden gain of money, traveling.
Surprises, financial opportunities, adventures, tours, changes.
Journey, changes for the positive, chances of gaining wealth, money as objective. Slight chance of failure.
A dubious relative, someone not really reliable, selfish or jealous, possibility of bad news
Fair haired woman. Flirtatious, witty, sophisticated, interfering nature.
Fair haired man. Stubborn, but powerful, ready to avenge, dangerous if crossed.
Friendship, love, happiness in home, success at work.
Treachery, unkept promises, false promises.
Invitations, parties or celebrations, chances of separation.
The 'wish card', dreams come true and desires are fulfilled.
Good luck, happiness, prosperity, peace, happiness and harmony in family.
Young person with fair hair. May find a good friend, see a long lost friend.
Woman with fair hair, faithful loving woman, trustworthy, gentle & pleasing.
Fair haired man, affectionate, generous, impetuous, honest man, hasty decisions, unreliable advices or suggestions.
Difficulty in love affair, conflicts, bad news, misfortune, tidings of death.
A warning against loss of friendship, quarrels with friends, bad things turning worse.
Disappointments, oppositions, treacherous friends, rivalry with friends, caution suggested.
Bad luck, possibility of delays or quarrels, unhappiness looms large.
Worry, grief, all good turning negative, imprisonment, needs caution and rationality.
Young man with dark hair, good heartedness, lazy person, hindrance in all work.
Dark haired woman, seductive and unscrupulous, treacherous, unreliable, malice, widow.
Ambitious, usually successful, pride for ambition and as well as success.

Compass:   Don't be hasty in deciding. Postpone taking decision if there's any sense of doubt or confusion or lack of confidence.
Wishes:   If you have been going through troubled times, luck is awaiting you. You have been wishing luck to favor you in all the ways. Here it comes. Be prepared and make sure that you make the most and best out of it.
Success:   You will be successful in a way or in such a field that you hardly expected. You are sure to be taken aback by your success. So will be the people associated with you.
Moon:   Someone thinks of you with jealousy. He or she pretends to be your friend when you put down your guards. Think reasonably.
Surprises:   If you are going for a trip or taking up a new venture, there are surprises for you. Chalk out plans but make it flexible. You may have to change your plans for proceeding with the venture. You may also be offered a business proposition all of a sudden.
Popularity:   Money will make you popular. Or, your popularity will fetch you money. If a heart or a diamond card is in the house of money, the chances of the later are high.
Abode:   If you have a plan to start a small home business, this is the appropriate time for you. Do make sure that it is more profitable than it appears to be.
Journey:   Goon a journey and you get a fabulous gift. It can happen by chance, or magic. It also may happen that you already are conscious that you have to go to some place to receive an award or a gift. Or, you might find, to your utter surprise, that you have won two gift coupons..
Papers:   Have you just received tickets for a flight to your desired destination? If not, believe that there is every possibility. If you are going for a tour, make sure that you take all the necessary documents.
Vocation:   You may stumble over a serious situation. Or, one of your near and dear one is going to be in a trouble, and he/she may seek your help to get out of it.
Marriage:   Your wishes concern marriage. Well, your wishes are going to come true.
Happiness:   You will be overjoyed to inherit a fortune. You may enjoy at someone else's expense, and this will make you very happy.
Enjoyment:   If single, there are chances of you getting married. Check your house of marriage. You may also enjoy a lot at a wedding party or a marriage anniversary.
Messages:   A message from someone will make you happy. The message may contain a sinister plot against you that has been unsuccessful.
Relatives:   You may meet with your new romance through one of your relatives. All you have to do is to play the right cards at the right moments. Do not hurry.
Health:   Your popularity may soar high in the next few days or even weeks. If you are working hard towards it do not neglect your health.
Money:   You will gain money through one of your friends. It may be that you borrow from him/her in your need. It also may be that he/she finds the means for you to earn money.
Seasons:   For the next season you may have to be busy with your family. Household expenses are on the cards.
Friends:   One of your friends will call you up to show his/her gratefulness for the favor you once did to him/her. It may also occur that you may find it necessary to call up someone to express your gratitude.
Gifts:   You may be thinking of giving a gift to someone to win his/her favor. This may be a good plan. But abstain from it since this is not the perfect time for you to give gifts to anyone as it could be misunderstood.
Letters:   You will give warning vibes to those around you not to cross their limits; if they do they will pay the price.
Trouble:   You are prone to trouble and take unnecessary risks. Your daredevil trait attract many, especially those from the opposite sex.
Disappointment:   You will get comforting mate to lift your ebbing morale and this will prove auspicious and lucky for the next couple of months.
Death:   You will be unable to communicate well with your own folks. In this way you will lose the contacts dearer to you.
Undertaking:   Be sure and think twice before enter into any deal, someone may misguide you. Don't settle for anything less than what you deserve.
Achievement:   People might try to bribe you and provoke you to connive with them in their misdeeds, follow your conscience and don't be a puppet in the hands of few unscrupulous people.
Inheritance:   Your time to enjoy life is yet to come, you will be blessed with all you aspire for, but it might take some time. Start aiming your plans without hesitating.
Callers:   Sad news may dishearten you. Try to overcome it and accept ground realities; this will definitely help you in being more practical in life.
Gratitude:   A forgotten friend will suddenly surface in your life. Be positive in your approach as this may change into a lasting friendship.
Inquirer:   Avoid provocations, it might lead to wasteful habits. The time is not suitable right now. DonĘt play blame game or you may be responsible for something strange.
Luck:   Whatever task you take on and where ever you go, you will leave a stamp of your charisma and people will appreciate you. This will prove to be fortunate.
Sun:   Keep your eyes and ears open, especially when you know there is a possibility of getting important information.

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