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Gong Hee Fot Choy is an ancient form of Chinese divination. Check the card and house combinations to know the future possibilities in different spheres in your life.

Hello Tanya, your Gong Hee Fot Choy reading is shown below.


Unity, property, success and achievements in professional life, love and peace of mind in personal life.
Good fortune, prosperity, possibility of romantic interference, be cautious about the opposite sex.
Rivalry and contradiction, chances of recklessness, someone will spend money but not his own.
A new romance, disputes with friends, bad quarrels.
Sudden monetary gain, unexpected good fortune or a gift, a possibility of loss.
A reliable friend, impatient yet sincere.
Nice woman with dark hair, attributes associated: Strong, helpful, attractive, inclined to be temperamental.
Dark haired man, attributes associated: Honest, straight, faithful, reliable and generous.
Monetary gain, a ring, important message may arrive, chances of getting valuable gift.
A gift, ill luck in gambling, criticism, lies, rumors.
Late marriage, new relationship, sudden gain of money, traveling.
Surprises, financial opportunities, adventures, tours, changes.
Journey, changes for the positive, chances of gaining wealth, money as objective. Slight chance of failure.
A dubious relative, someone not really reliable, selfish or jealous, possibility of bad news
Fair haired woman. Flirtatious, witty, sophisticated, interfering nature.
Fair haired man. Stubborn, but powerful, ready to avenge, dangerous if crossed.
Friendship, love, happiness in home, success at work.
Treachery, unkept promises, false promises.
Invitations, parties or celebrations, chances of separation.
The 'wish card', dreams come true and desires are fulfilled.
Good luck, happiness, prosperity, peace, happiness and harmony in family.
Young person with fair hair. May find a good friend, see a long lost friend.
Woman with fair hair, faithful loving woman, trustworthy, gentle & pleasing.
Fair haired man, affectionate, generous, impetuous, honest man, hasty decisions, unreliable advices or suggestions.
Difficulty in love affair, conflicts, bad news, misfortune, tidings of death.
A warning against loss of friendship, quarrels with friends, bad things turning worse.
Disappointments, oppositions, treacherous friends, rivalry with friends, caution suggested.
Bad luck, possibility of delays or quarrels, unhappiness looms large.
Worry, grief, all good turning negative, imprisonment, needs caution and rationality.
Young man with dark hair, good heartedness, lazy person, hindrance in all work.
Dark haired woman, seductive and unscrupulous, treacherous, unreliable, malice, widow.
Ambitious, usually successful, pride for ambition and as well as success.

Compass:   A radio program may please or amuse you a lot. You may also purchase CDs or DVDs or new recordings.
Wishes:   Either you are intensely expecting news from someone, or your wishes are going to be influenced by some message that you receive. Such messages may reach you in the form of letters, through phone calls, or even a hoax on your doorbell.
Success:   You are going to inherit a considerable amount in the near future. A gain through business or shares is indicated.
Moon:   Be careful in whatever you say or do to your partner. A mistake may disappoint you in love. If married, or engaged, there are chances of divorce or broken engagements. A loved one may move away to a distant place.
Surprises:   Do not just laze on your past achievements or successes. Troublesome times ahead. Look before you leap. Caution is the word.
Popularity:   If you have had a weird wish and though it would never materialize, this is the ripe time to wait for the unusual to happen. Your desires will come true, making you much wanted. Gaining popularity may inspire a nobler realm or a greater aspiration in you.
Abode:   You may receive a call that will inform you of someone's death or serious illness. You may also receive calls from the police for information about an accident or some other incident that you have witnessed. There are vibes of unplesant callers. Be careful while dealing with them.
Journey:   You may propose a prolonged fun trip to your friends by the following weekend. Perhaps, one of your friends may make this proposal. Whatever happens, a fun journey with friends is clear on your cards.
Papers:   Do not be surprised if one of your admirers falls in love with you. Your charm is working. A message through paper [a letter or a greetings card] will let you know of this.
Vocation:   If you have done good to someone, you can receive a call conveying their gratitude.
Marriage:   The sun will shine bright on you and your married/love life. You will feel the happiness and pleasure of a content family.
Happiness:   A happy time at your house. You will be happy with all your family members. The support that you get from your family members will make you feel even more confident to reach any target and achieve any goal.
Enjoyment:   It is celebration time for you. You will achieve great success in the coming days and you will relish your success with great enthusiasm.
Messages:   There are chances that you may suffer from some health problems. Take care that you do not catch cold. Cough and cold can make your life miserable. If you have a lecture to deliver, try precautionary medications.
Relatives:   Your thoughts concern your relatives at this moment. One of your female relatives may feel jealous and cause harm to you.
Health:   You may not feel well in the near future. It is your mental melancholy that makes you feel so. Distract yourself - come alive as there are many pleasant things in life and you will be yourself again.
Money:   Gift. You will receive a gift check or a handsome amount of money as a gift. Do not just finish everything you get.
Seasons:   The present time is unusually lucky for you. Start doing every thing with due sincerity. Success is on your cards.
Friends:   Relatives will befriend you. There is a chance of a friendship turning into a family relation.
Gifts:   You will get a surprise gift from a fair woman you know. Her care, concern, attitude and assistance are the most valuable gifts for you.
Letters:   You will get an important paper work successfully passed. The success of your efforts and good fortune should be shared with your mates.
Trouble:   You need to meditate to understand the real you. Practice yoga and you will perform better both in professional and personal life.
Disappointment:   You are disappointed at times for listening to your head rather than the heart. Just follow the directives of your heart and do not hesitate.
Death:   You will suddenly realize the significance of all those who helped you during your hard days. Don't forget to convey your appreciation.
Undertaking:   If you have undertaken any responsibility you will gain success, slight failure will give you a chance to better your performance.
Achievement:   You might fail in getting back your loans. Use the lesson learnt and do not repeat it.
Inheritance:   You are a natural when it comes to making and keeping friends. This quality of yours will take you places. Be the way you are.
Callers:   DonĘt give importance to rumors; think rationally before jumping to conclusion. Loved ones might hurt you emotionally, donĘt get disheartened.
Gratitude:   Those around you will be understanding and helpful in different ways. This will encourage you to do better.
Inquirer:   Take leave from your daily assignment, plan a vacation with family and loved ones. Participate in activities and enjoy yourself.
Luck:   Your single weak effort will cost you double. Put forth your best as half hearted labor will get you nowhere.
Sun:   Your success will depend on your astute sense in decision making; fortune will favor you.

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