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Gong Hee Fot Choy is an ancient form of Chinese divination. Check the card and house combinations to know the future possibilities in different spheres in your life.

Hello Tanya, your Gong Hee Fot Choy reading is shown below.


Unity, property, success and achievements in professional life, love and peace of mind in personal life.
Good fortune, prosperity, possibility of romantic interference, be cautious about the opposite sex.
Rivalry and contradiction, chances of recklessness, someone will spend money but not his own.
A new romance, disputes with friends, bad quarrels.
Sudden monetary gain, unexpected good fortune or a gift, a possibility of loss.
A reliable friend, impatient yet sincere.
Nice woman with dark hair, attributes associated: Strong, helpful, attractive, inclined to be temperamental.
Dark haired man, attributes associated: Honest, straight, faithful, reliable and generous.
Monetary gain, a ring, important message may arrive, chances of getting valuable gift.
A gift, ill luck in gambling, criticism, lies, rumors.
Late marriage, new relationship, sudden gain of money, traveling.
Surprises, financial opportunities, adventures, tours, changes.
Journey, changes for the positive, chances of gaining wealth, money as objective. Slight chance of failure.
A dubious relative, someone not really reliable, selfish or jealous, possibility of bad news
Fair haired woman. Flirtatious, witty, sophisticated, interfering nature.
Fair haired man. Stubborn, but powerful, ready to avenge, dangerous if crossed.
Friendship, love, happiness in home, success at work.
Treachery, unkept promises, false promises.
Invitations, parties or celebrations, chances of separation.
The 'wish card', dreams come true and desires are fulfilled.
Good luck, happiness, prosperity, peace, happiness and harmony in family.
Young person with fair hair. May find a good friend, see a long lost friend.
Woman with fair hair, faithful loving woman, trustworthy, gentle & pleasing.
Fair haired man, affectionate, generous, impetuous, honest man, hasty decisions, unreliable advices or suggestions.
Difficulty in love affair, conflicts, bad news, misfortune, tidings of death.
A warning against loss of friendship, quarrels with friends, bad things turning worse.
Disappointments, oppositions, treacherous friends, rivalry with friends, caution suggested.
Bad luck, possibility of delays or quarrels, unhappiness looms large.
Worry, grief, all good turning negative, imprisonment, needs caution and rationality.
Young man with dark hair, good heartedness, lazy person, hindrance in all work.
Dark haired woman, seductive and unscrupulous, treacherous, unreliable, malice, widow.
Ambitious, usually successful, pride for ambition and as well as success.

Compass:   You will travel a lot. You may also shift to a new place to settle as you have done many times before. So, this is a 'let's pack up and go' time for you.
Wishes:   Your desire to be successful is going to come true in the coming days. Just perseverance has brought you close to such a huge success. See the house of success. A heart card or a diamond card may indicate luck in your favor while a spade card in the house of success, indicates a delay in realizing success.
Success:   Success and money come to you hand in hand. If you are handling any kind of money matters, be careful. A lump sum of money is somewhere in store for you.
Moon:   If you love your family members and relatives, someone among them is going to be famous. Or, a relative who was not quite in your favor would show admiration for you. Do not doubt it. You really deserve the admiration.
Surprises:   Before the end of the day you will be disillusioned. Someone whom you're trusted and thought to be your friend, will turn out to be surprisingly different from what you had thought. Take care if you have someone with whom you share all your secrets.
Popularity:   Your popularity may put you in trouble. You may have to fulfill the demands of your admirers, which you do not like very much. Keep away from anger and angry persons.
Abode:   Try to keep your promise. Your failure to do so may put your family members in trouble. Again, if somebody had ever promised you to give you a house, or a property, this is the time you can start expecting.
Journey:   You may feel that luck has never been so kind to you as it is now. Since the luck card is in your house of journey, you may chance to go on a pleasant trip that you did not even imagined. If you are already touring, lucky vibes around you would help you make your journey safe, enjoyable and exciting.
Papers:   Before the season ends you will be able to finish all legal or professional issues that you are dealing with now. Again, you can also get good news through a letter or email.
Vocation:   You are going to enjoy a lot in the ensuing days. One may call you to go for a short trip. Do accept the proposal. It is going to be a very important trip in your life.
Marriage:   You may hear the death news of one of your in-laws. It is not a perfect time for marriage.
Happiness:   A message will make you really happy. You may be informed of your dream coming true.
Enjoyment:   A big and pleasant surprise is in store for you. It can come to you in any way. However, you are sure to enjoy, since it is unexpected.
Messages:   You will be informed of something good happening to you. All you have to do is to leave scopes so that luck can favor you. Try buying a lottery ticket, or go to the races?Best bet - Work harder at your current business, it is the best option to make luck work in your favor.
Relatives:   You will be surprised to find one of your relatives proposing lucrative opportunities. You may have to be adventurous and undertake new journeys to do as he/she says. But there's no harm. You will emerge victorious at the end.
Health:   You may have to work hard to achieve something. Take care of your health and do not neglect or you may have to regret.
Money:   You have to give serious thoughts to every decisions related to money. One mistake on your part may cause a huge financial loss. So, take care.
Seasons:   For the next season you may have to be busy with your family. Household expenses are on the cards.
Friends:   You may hear about the illness of one of your friends. He/she may seek your help.
Gifts:   You will get gifts from a number of friends on some occasion. You may also have to reciprocate the same.
Letters:   An old friend might have mailed you a letter after a long break, check your mail box.
Trouble:   Some wonderful people will come into your life, though their arrival is late, They will bring lasting luck for you.
Disappointment:   You will find it easier to face the realities of life, if you learn to detect your own mistakes and failures; don't play the blame game every time you falter.
Death:   You will find the tides turning against you; you will have to learn, how to stand firm against odds and come out successful.
Undertaking:   You will play a dual role; you will handle personal as well as professional mattes very efficiently. To keep this spirit going take care of your health as well.
Achievement:   It is better to wait for the right moment to celebrate, rather than rejoicing over the wrong. Beware of conspiracies and be doubly sure before making commitments.
Inheritance:   Your time to enjoy life is yet to come, you will be blessed with all you aspire for, but it might take some time. Start aiming your plans without hesitating.
Callers:   DonÆt trust anybody whose promises are vague. You may fall into a pit. Learn from your past experiences.
Gratitude:   Your worry will recede. Just concentrate on your work without worrying about back stabbers. DonÆt be weighed down as you donÆt realize how much people appreciate you and your work.
Inquirer:   DonÆt be frugal at the same time donÆt hesitate to ask for more, especially if you deserve it. Fun from various sources is on the cards.
Luck:   If you feel bogged down with routine life, try making new friends, but rememberæ The Old Is GoldÆ, or you may lose what you have.
Sun:   As you sow so you reap; your hard work will eventually pay off and the sun will shine on you.

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