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Gong Hee Fot Choy is an ancient form of Chinese divination. Check the card and house combinations to know the future possibilities in different spheres in your life.

Hello Tanya, your Gong Hee Fot Choy reading is shown below.


Unity, property, success and achievements in professional life, love and peace of mind in personal life.
Good fortune, prosperity, possibility of romantic interference, be cautious about the opposite sex.
Rivalry and contradiction, chances of recklessness, someone will spend money but not his own.
A new romance, disputes with friends, bad quarrels.
Sudden monetary gain, unexpected good fortune or a gift, a possibility of loss.
A reliable friend, impatient yet sincere.
Nice woman with dark hair, attributes associated: Strong, helpful, attractive, inclined to be temperamental.
Dark haired man, attributes associated: Honest, straight, faithful, reliable and generous.
Monetary gain, a ring, important message may arrive, chances of getting valuable gift.
A gift, ill luck in gambling, criticism, lies, rumors.
Late marriage, new relationship, sudden gain of money, traveling.
Surprises, financial opportunities, adventures, tours, changes.
Journey, changes for the positive, chances of gaining wealth, money as objective. Slight chance of failure.
A dubious relative, someone not really reliable, selfish or jealous, possibility of bad news
Fair haired woman. Flirtatious, witty, sophisticated, interfering nature.
Fair haired man. Stubborn, but powerful, ready to avenge, dangerous if crossed.
Friendship, love, happiness in home, success at work.
Treachery, unkept promises, false promises.
Invitations, parties or celebrations, chances of separation.
The 'wish card', dreams come true and desires are fulfilled.
Good luck, happiness, prosperity, peace, happiness and harmony in family.
Young person with fair hair. May find a good friend, see a long lost friend.
Woman with fair hair, faithful loving woman, trustworthy, gentle & pleasing.
Fair haired man, affectionate, generous, impetuous, honest man, hasty decisions, unreliable advices or suggestions.
Difficulty in love affair, conflicts, bad news, misfortune, tidings of death.
A warning against loss of friendship, quarrels with friends, bad things turning worse.
Disappointments, oppositions, treacherous friends, rivalry with friends, caution suggested.
Bad luck, possibility of delays or quarrels, unhappiness looms large.
Worry, grief, all good turning negative, imprisonment, needs caution and rationality.
Young man with dark hair, good heartedness, lazy person, hindrance in all work.
Dark haired woman, seductive and unscrupulous, treacherous, unreliable, malice, widow.
Ambitious, usually successful, pride for ambition and as well as success.

Compass:   You are in someone's dreams and thoughts. Control your anxiety. He or she is going to meet you or call you up.
Wishes:   The ace of hearts in the house of wishes indicates that your wishes concern someone in your family or something in your house. Good chances for your dream to come true if there's a heart or a diamond card in the house of abode. If a spade, there may be slight trouble.
Success:   Someone will call you and give you the news of success. Or a telephonic conversation may also act as a positive catalyst for your success. Consider all possibilities while calling someone or talking to a person over telephone.
Moon:   You are going to inherit something from one who loves you a lot. It may be a gift that was promised to you long ago. Whatever you get, is sure to be of a good material value.
Surprises:   It's money that awaits you. You will get a lump sum amount that you least expected. You may also receive a gift or a salary hike.
Popularity:   The vibes are such that you can think of competing as a candidate in an election. The popularity card in the house of repute suggests a big chance of gaining fame. However, popularity is in your professional field. Find the ways to claim it.

Exception :     Situational Attributes On Human Beings:-
Fair Hair,Youth,Masculinity,Good Friend,See A Long Lost Friend.
Abode:   Your current wishes will concern mainly your house. Either you are thinking too hard to buy a house or to get a shelter. Or, if you have long wished to buy a house, there is a high possibility of your getting it.
Journey:   You can go on a journey in the coming days. If you have no clue about the possibility of a journey in your life right at this moment, be assured that you are approaching the time when you have to hurry to pack your bag and go for a considerably long journey.

Exception :     Situational Attributes On Human Beings:-
Sudden Monetary Gain,Unexpected Good Fortune Or A Gift,A Possibility Of Loss.
Papers:   You may receive a letter or an e-mail from some of your relatives. If a legal document is due for submission, you can get it done by a friend or a relative.
Vocation:   Some old friend may call you after a long time. There is a chance that you will spend quality time with your friends.
Marriage:   You may have to attend a marriage ceremony and give gifts. If you are getting married, you will get unexpected gifts.
Happiness:   Fighting a case in the court? You are going to see rays of hope in the coming days. The decision will go in your favor.
Enjoyment:   Your thoughts are revolving around enjoyment. You can definitely revel, but see that you leave no task undone.
Messages:   You will be invited to some party or a celebration through a letter or an e-mail. Vibes of love romance are on your cards.
Relatives:   You know that some of your relatives are factitious, and pretend to be good. However, it is time for you to realize that you have genuine friends also. You will find them helpful.
Health:   There is a possibility that you may suffer from a health problem. Take care of your health. Keep away from dishes that makes your mouth water before you take them and harm your after you had them.

Exception :     Situational Attributes On Human Beings:-
Warning,Loss Of Friendship,Quarrels With Friends,Bad Things Turning Worse,Break -Ups,Ups And Downs In Relationships.
Money:   Inquirer. A fair woman will help you earn money or can show you a lucrative way of earning money.
Seasons:   Time for achievement is here for you. You just need to concentrate on what you are doing. You will find yourself at the helm of success.
Friends:   One of your friends will disappoint you. However, you are suggested not to show your instant reaction. Think that this is an exceptions; there are other good, reliable friends.
Gifts:   Gifts are in the offing and whatever it may be it is going to make you immensely happy. Make sure that your performance is consistent.
Letters:   You are compassionate and softhearted, but don't let your heart rule in decisions pertaining to official matters. Be assertive.
Trouble:   Don't trouble others by misleading them, you will find yourself amidst controversies. Respect others so you will be respected.
Disappointment:   You will experience the real world outside your imagination. Don't get shocked, reality is also something to be aware of.
Death:   Something mysterious may happen to your partner, for which you may be blamed. Just follow your instincts.
Undertaking:   If you don't want any disturbances in your work, then don't announce it. Be alert for possible obstacles.
Achievement:   It is better to wait for the right moment to celebrate, rather than rejoicing over the wrong. Beware of conspiracies and be doubly sure before making commitments.
Inheritance:   You have inherent natural charm, your charm will resolve even the toughest tasks, however don't misuse it.
Callers:   DonĘt give importance to rumors; think rationally before jumping to conclusion. Loved ones might hurt you emotionally, donĘt get disheartened.
Gratitude:   Your worry will recede. Just concentrate on your work without worrying about back stabbers. DonĘt be weighed down as you donĘt realize how much people appreciate you and your work.
Inquirer:   Your heart and head will may not agree. Deal with what your mind says. DonĘt seek those who left you during your trying times.
Luck:   DonĘt get emotional in love and family matters. Strike a balance between the two and let bygones be bygones.

Exception :     Situational Attributes On Human Beings:-
New Romance,Disputes With Friends,Bad Quarrels.
Sun:   Sun has brought confinement for those who are single. You realize the importance of happiness only when you have suffered pain.

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