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2016 Sunsign Compatibility Test

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Sun Signs Compatibility

This free sun signs compatibility test gives you love predictions for 2016, 2017, 2018! Traditionally matching sun sign compatibility between zodiac signs is one of the preferred forms of zodiac love test. While this is not an absolute it can certainly be a guide to who matches up with whom astrologically. Get free report for the 12 star signs in 2016, 2017.

Here are a few good and bad matches and their romantic compatibility with each other:

Aries and Libra sun sign make a great match and this combination tends to bring out the best in both of you. For Aries an unfortunate match would be Taurus who tends to irritate you.

For Taurus, Scorpio often turns out to be an excellent match. With your tendency to be complacent Taurus, the Scorpion gets you moving. Your worst match is the scattered and frivolous Sagittarius.

Gemini on the other hand matches with Sagittarius. Your insatiable curiosity and his activity blend well. Your worst match would be a Pisces who is eternally at home and has no sense of adventure.

Cancer will find that you are best matched to Taurus. Two homebodies content together. Your worst match will be an Aquarian. You just do not fit with each other as the Aquarian is annoyed by your possessiveness.

sunsign Leo matches well to Sagittarius since you are both world features. But you might have some control issues. The worst possible match is the Scorpio. The chemistry is good but the openness of Leo does not match well with the secretive quality of Scorpio.

Virgo and Scorpio work really well together as are both total planners. The relationship though is extremely sensual. A bad matching would be Sagittarius who the disciplined Virgo finds totally out of control.

Libra with Libra is the most successful combination. Both of an artistic nature, you share a worldview. Libra with Virgo is a horrible combination. Virgo schedules breathing and Libra schedules nothing.

Scorpio sunsign is an excellent match for Pisces. You play together extremely well emotionally and often have a bit of the fantasy world together. Scorpio and Aries is a good match that is great physically but Aries gives orders and Scorpio takes them badly.

Sagittarius and Aquarius is an excellent matchup. Both of you are curious, need freedom and time alone and the other can give it. Taurus is probably the worst possible match for Sagittarius. The Sagittarians love variety and Taurus prefers things to be always the same.

Aquarius work super will Sagittarius. You are both brainy people who prefer to work individually rather than in a team. Your worst possible match Aquarius, is the Cancer. And this because you feel trapped in this love relationship and a good early attraction just doesn't last.

Pisces and Scorpio do well together. They comprehend and have affection for each other. The physical compatibility works well. Virgo and Pisces is a bad match although this is not a usually affected match. Occasionally works but issues of control can swap Pisces. Pisces may admire the virtues of Virgo but cannot live with them.

Sun Signs Compatibility

Now that you have an idea of the love compatibility between the sun signs, try this free online sun signs calculator to get your complete astrology compatibility report for 2016/2017.

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