Capricorn Monthly Horoscope Predictions For 2014

Capricorn April Horoscope 2014


April 2014 Horoscope for Capricorn born people indicates that the month will be highly progressive and cheerful. The focus should be on family matters such as settling issues with members and renovating the house. This is the ideal month to work on psychological aspects of your career. Consult your partners and friends before taking any action.

Capricorn Horoscope


Professionally April 2014 will be a good month. You will get many occasions to be innovative and your superiors will be helpful.


Finance horoscope suggests a turbulent period. All unavoidable spending should be postponed and risky investments should not be undertaken.

Capricorn Love

Love astrology predictions for Capricorn zodiac sign indicate non-serious type of love affairs during the month. Plenty of fun and partying is possible.


Married persons may have to face problems with their spouses. They should settle the differences with friends and family and life will become pleasant.


Health forecasts forecast that it will be delicate during the first half. Avoid excesses and be strict with your diet and exercise to maintain your fitness.

Capricorn May Horoscope 2014

Capricorn General

Capricorn May Horoscope 2014 promises an excellent time for people involved with sales and marketing activities. This is the time to improve your relations with other people as your progress in life will be because of others. Tempo of your progress in life will be gradual, but enough to please you.



Professionals will have to slog to finish their prospects. Good job opportunities exist for those seeking new employment predict the Capricorn career forecasts.


Monetary prospects indicate a sudden inflow of cash during the month. May 2014 is the beginning of a long term financial prosperity.


Love predictions for unmarried people foretell the possibility of new affiliations. People in relationship will continue their affairs without the prospect of marriage.


There will be plenty of opportunities to celebrate along with family members during the month. Children will need your time as well as money forecasts the Capricorn family horoscope for May 2014.

Capricorn Health

Health astrology predictions for the Capricorn star sign, presents a superb picture throughout May 2014. Athletes will excel in their fields after 20th of the month.

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