Aries Monthly Horoscope Predictions

Aries April Horoscope 2014


Monthly Horoscope for Aries for April 2014 indicates plenty of zeal and vigor because of Mars in your zodiac sign. Get ready for unforeseen challenges and deal with them patiently. Things will work out in your favor, and your strength will overcome all obstacles.

Aries Horoscope


Career horoscope foretells a favorable second half, and you will make sufficient progress on the job front. If you want to decide on a change in your career, this month is auspicious.


Financial astrology for Aries for April 2014 indicates that you should curb your temptation to spend money and concentrate on saving for the future. Avoid speculative investments.


Love and relationship forecasts suggest a favorable month because of Venus and new relationships will bloom. For those already in committed relationships, the month is highly enjoyable.


Family affairs will improve drastically during the last part of the month. First part of the month should be spent in resolving all your problems with your spouse.

Aries Health

Health predictions are excellent for the month of April 2014. It can be improved by rigorous work outs. However stress has to be reduced with proper relaxation.

Aries May Horoscope 2014


Forecast for Aries zodiac sign for May 2014 indicates that whatever you have dreamt is happening slowly and surely. The emphasis during the month will be on enlarging your social contacts and building up your inner strength. You will feel that though there is progress in life, it is too slow for your liking. Be patient and watch the progress.



Career predictions according to the Aries May 2014 horoscope point to some friction with your colleagues at the office. Your superiors will be supportive. Businessmen will have a successful month and will see their wealth grow.


Financially you will be successful in meeting whatever problems that may come up. Your earnings and capital will grow if you capitalize on the opportunities predicts the Aries May 2014 money horoscope.

Aries Love

Aries love horoscope indicates that you will be more sensible in your affairs, and you give importance to the sensual and material aspects.


Family astrology for May 2014 foretells that you will have friendly relations with your spouse and children during the second half of the month.


No problems are expected as far as Aries health is concerned. Spend more time with family and socialize to have a pleasant life.

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