Taurus Horoscope for Year 2014

General - 2014 Taurus Horoscope

Taurus 2014Year 2014 will bring lot of good and bad transformations in life. There will be change in personal routines which will result in better life style and working habits. You are likely to approach things with better commitment.

Businessman should avoid legal tangles and settle disputes without recourse to judicial intervention. Borrowing money should be preferably done before April. Targets for the year should be set at achievable levels, predicts the 2014 Taurus horoscope.

Family problems may dominate in the first part of the year.

Taurus Career in 2014

Lot of changes is likely in the first quarter of the year. You should be ready to take up additional responsibilities in the work place, and you will get sufficient compensation in return.

The year is generally profitable from the career angle and you will be landed with rewarding opportunities forecasts the 2014 career astrology for Taureans. With patience and self confidence, you will be successful in the new projects.

The year also comes with lot of travel for business purposes and opportunities to be more pragmatic and skillful. Good relationship at workplace is essential.

Taurus Love in 2014

The year is not encouraging for matters of love. You should desist from entering into any affairs as it may not end in a successful note.

Married couples should have lot of compassion to understand one another and desist from frequent arguments. It will be ideal to sort out the differences in the beginning to avoid escalation of the problem into a major confrontation.

Business in 2014 for Taurus

Businessmen should concentrate on the higher objectives of the company and leave the routine to other senior colleagues by delegating responsibility to them. It makes sense to recruit more senior people if required.

Business will grow steadily and the developments will be extraordinary. You may be averse to take up new projects.

Concentrate on your profits and keep your expenditure and overheads in check to feel the color of money.

Finance in 2014 for Taurus

Finance predictions for the first half of the year will be tricky as far as cash flow is concerned. Monetary position will considerably improve in the second half of the year. Keep a strict watch on unnecessary expenses and have sufficient surplus money to take care of eventualities. All investments of extra money should be done in the second half of the year.

Education in 2014 for Taurus

Students will face problems in studies during the year. But influence of Jupiter in your birth chart will encourage and help them in facing the challenges.

Health in 2014 for Taurus

Jupiter may cause you to eat delicious food and increase your weight. Control your diet and exercise enough to ensure good physical fitness. Last quarter is good for attending to orthopedic problems. Sportsmen should have an extra dose of exercise to keep fit.

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