Leo Horoscope for Year 2014

General - 2014 Leo Horoscope

Leo 2014The year will offer many alternatives that will affect your life. Saturn will help you in studying them and come up with a lasting solution by the end of the year.

Any plans to go abroad will fructify in year 2014. You can expect a monetary bonus which was not anticipated.

The 2014 Leo horoscope predicts some radical transformations in your career this year. You will be subjected to a strict regimen in your daily routine which will be highly annoying. But in the end you will find the rules highly rewarding for your life.

Leo Career in 2014

It is better to stick to your job as there are no problems at present forecasts the 2014 Leo zodiac predictions. But the influence of planets will keep on prodding you to change the present job. Astrologically period up to August is not good for change in profession. Any change should be made after August, if it is really more rewarding in terms of income and work environment.

Leo Love in 2014

For married couples, the 2014 Leo love horoscope forecasts a lot of romance, and travel to a foreign country are indicated. This will help to improve the bonding between the two. Be proactive to eliminate any disagreements.

For singles, year 2014 is a good period for entering into new relationships or for getting married. You should be free to express your feelings to your partner if you are really devoted to her. Do not hesitate to propose to her, and God willing you may tie the knot.

Business in 2014 for Leo

Period up to July is not favorable for business ventures for the Leo sun sign. Be wary of any obstacles to business during this period and take preventive actions. You can plan for the future and keep decisions in abeyance.

Second half promises to be excellent for your venture. You will be ready for expansions, new promotions and projects. You may also think of improving your methods of doing business and results will be evident. Be practical in your approach and do not fall prey to greed.

Finance in 2014 for Leo

Saturn has a bearing on your financial health during the year. First half of the year is not good for infusing capital into your business. Your financial horoscope predictions suggest you avoid taking loans for investment and business expansions during this period.

Second half will show marked improvements in monetary position. You will see that your past savings will be available for new projects and your business will thrive.

Education in 2014 for Leo

Some challenges can be expected during the year on the educational front. Your skill to adjust to the new environment will help you in pursuing the learning of new subjects.

Health in 2014 for Leo

Your health promises to be very good during the year. You should relax enough to be fresh and more attention should be given for your mental well-being.

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