Cancer Horoscope for Year 2014

General - 2014 Cancer Horoscope

Cancer 2014Influence of Jupiter is seen in your business and social activities. In business, you will have high aspirations. You will have to put in extra effort to achieve your goals. You will have to deploy all your time and energy to concentrate on the growth of your business predicts the Cancer horoscope for 2014.

Financially your earnings will show phenomenal increase.

Socially your stature will grow enormously and you will be busy with activities of your family. Children may be a source of worry for people of the Cancer zodiac sign.

Postpone all major decisions in the first quarter of the year.

Cancer Career in 2014

Year 2014 is excellent for professionals with more monetary benefits and promotions. Year is good for changing your job forecasts the Cancer career horoscope for 2014. You will be able to cope up with new responsibilities with ease.

April to October will be an extremely busy period with too much work. If you have the energy and time, you can make more money by taking up additional work. Avoid fights with your boss and colleagues.

Cancer Love in 2014

This is not a good year for singles. They will have many opportunities to make friends of the opposite sex. Somehow the relationships end without marriage due to lack of compatibility between the partners. Singles already devoted and in long relationship can get married.

On the other hand married couples enjoy excellent rapport with each other and others.

Business in 2014 for Cancer

The year offers many opportunities to expand your business but will be restricted by finances and man power. With good scheduling and implementation and some risk, you will be able to make considerable progress in your ventures.

First quarter is ideal for taking risks in expanding the business as later part of the year may prove dangerous for the business. You may also end up with loss of both financial and physical health. A thorough review of your plans and tactics is required before starting any new project.

Finance in 2014 for Cancer

Financially the year portends to be a great one. Your income will show a marked rise through increase in salary, or dividends from equities or through other ventures. With the surplus money you can invest in sound securities. You can also spend money on children's education.

Education in 2014 for Cancer

Your educational career will be challenging with lot of obstacles. Lot of positive thinking is required to be successful.

Health in 2014 for Cancer

2014 health predictions foretell that you are susceptible to burns and injuries during the year. Detoxification is recommended to stay fit.

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