Aries Horoscope for Year 2014

General - 2014 Aries Horoscope

Aries 2014Planetary movements of Jupiter and Venus during the commencement of the year indicate a frantic activity during the early part of the year. Be relaxed and do not do anything in a hurry. Otherwise you may end up with health problems.

2014 Aries horoscope asks you to be prepared for a busy and stressful year. The pace of events may be daunting. Nagging problems of yester years will come to a happy conclusion. But new challenges will test your ability to face them.

Year 2014 also offers opportunities to enjoy life with your family by way of attending festivals and outdoor entertainment.

Aries Career in 2014

Career astrology predictions for Aries sun sign predict that the initial part of year will be quite challenging in your profession. Months of March and May may be chaotic and you may look forward for a change in your job. You also will feel shortchanged for your efforts. Situation will improve after May.

You should not accept any new commitments as you may not be able to complete them successfully. Even the existing jobs will require lot of creativity to finish them.

If you are hell bent on changing your present job, do so after April.

Try to learn new skills and avoid monotonous work. Building good rapport with the boss may improve chances of promotion.

Aries Love in 2014

2014 is not a good year for love and relationships. Any plans to get married may be postponed according to the 2014 love forecasts.

From April, the year does not bode well for married couples. There may be frequent differences of opinion leading to serious quarrels. They may end up in court also. Better to be accommodative to avoid legal hassles and social disapproval.

Your marital problems may have serious consequences on your professional career.

Business in 2014 for Aries

Year 2014 is not favorable for partnership businesses. Some of the partnerships may be terminated. It is not wise to enter into any new joint ventures with people. Ownership businesses are likely to thrive.

You will invest in new know-how and fresh recruits to improve the output and work ethics in the enterprise.

Finance in 2014 for Aries

Influence of Saturn is felt in your financial dealings during the year. If you have to borrow money to run your business or personal requirements, do not borrow money during the first part of the year.

Second part of the year may see you getting involved in financial disputes related to business partnerships and legacies.

Lot of prudence is required to deal with finances during the year 2014. Avoid unnecessary infusion of money.

Education in 2014 for Aries

Initial and last part of the year is not conducive for academic excellence. Middle part of the year will be favorable for learning new educational skills.

Health in 2014 for Aries

Exercise regularly and avoid bad habits to build a healthy body during the year. Beware of any injury to the body after August.

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