Mercury Retrograde In 2014

Mercury Retrograde - What | Where | When | Why!

What exactly is Mercury Retrograde?

In reality, a retrograde doesn't occur but is actually considered in astronomical calculations. A planet like Mercury is said to be in Retrograde when it appears to be going forward and then backwards in retrograde and then again stops and moves forward in direct motion like normal.

From an astrological point of view, planet Mercury is the ruler of communication. When this planet is in retrograde then, it is advisable not to start any new venture or any good task as you will be meet unwanted obstacles around every corner.

There are three Mercury Retrogrades in a year. Each retrograde is considered to be of three phases:

Pre- Retrograde: This is the slowing down period just before the Mercury Retrograde when new ventures are best avoided.

Retrograde: This is the actual retrograde period when all kinds of communication are affected.

Post-Retrograde: Mercury becomes faster in this period but still too slow for any kind of progress.

Plan all your ventures in 2014 keeping in mind the Mercury Retrograde Dates.

Pre- Retrograde:  January 22nd 2014 - February 5th 2014
Retrograde: February 6th 2014 - February 27th 2014
Post-Retrograde: February 28th 2014 - March 20th 2014
Pre- Retrograde: May 24th 2014 - June 6th 2014
Retrograde: June 7th 2014 - June 30th 2014
Post-Retrograde: July 1st 2014 - July 15th 2014
Pre- Retrograde: September 19th 2014 - October 3rd 2014
Retrograde: October 4th 2014 - October 24th 2014
Post-Retrograde: October 25th 2014 - November 10th 2014